The Upcoming Xbox 720

With the release of the new Wii U, the next generation of consoles has hit gamers. Yet rumors of the next Xbox have been circulating for at least a year, with plenty of unverified information. What do we truly know about the next Xbox? Virtually nothing is confirmed at the moment. However, there are plenty […]

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The Wii U`s hardware power

Many claims have been made about the power of the Wii U. Some say it is the most powerful system on the market today. Nintendo has given very little information about what is directly inside the machine, but some analysis has already taken place. The CPU is the heart of the machine, the same way […]

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Upcoming gaming events

The gaming world doesn’t always revolve around trade shows and expos, but they certainly have an impact. Many of the largest announcements take place at these shows. New AAA titles and new consoles are often announced at one of the major events. So what are the major events, and what events are coming up? The […]

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